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iTeam Progress 19/3/2010

The team have been busy this week. On Tuesday lunchtime Natasha visited Market Place Primary (with cameraman Ricky in tow) to ask the P1 pupils to draw pictures to embed into the level. Although nervous, she did an excellent job and inspired the class teacher Mrs Allen to start a group discussion on the kind of pictures that would be most suited to the theme – reinforcing literacy with the P1 class as well as allowing them to be effective contributors to the S5/6 project.

Ricky has managed to transfer most of the video from DV tape onto the computer hard drive. He has a hard juggling act – balancing video recording with video editing – but I think he is beginning to find a good balance between the two.

Scott’s design for the level was completed on time and showed he had really considered the intended audience as well as focussing on aesthetics.

Euan and Lewis worked well as a team on level and media creation and through iterative processes (link to Higher Computing there!) discussing feasibility with Scott have constructed a working, if plain looking, level with some excellent visual tricks to keep the P1s hooked.

Pupils in the P1 class drew artwork for within the game before the deadline and Natasha collected these today. Their drawings are excellent and I think the S5/6 students were impressed at how inspiring it is for pupils to get a chance to have their artwork included in a computer game. I think the main problem is now how to get as much of it into the level as possible!

As a teacher I had very little input to the class this week – something which I’ve aspired to but found quite difficult to achieve – the Little Big Planet project is, at the moment, completely focussed on active learning and in the last few weeks my S5/6 students have shown high-order problem solving skills (not just with regard to the hardware – design skills, people-management too!) as well as an increasing ability to manage time effectively. I have no doubt that the level will be finished, but I have no idea how it is going to turn out. As it should be I suppose. It’s quite exciting really…

Characters from Goldilocks & The 3 Bears level

Goldilocks & a scary bear
Goldilocks & a scary bear


Plenty of progress made this week. Scott is designing the layout of the level, making sure it is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Euan and Lewis have managed to investigate use of EyeToy-generated stickers in Little Big Planet. Ricky has been filming and has solved the problem of importing video into the computer from a DV-tape. Natasha has made sure all her staff members are on task and has managed to get them to make decisions about their team identity.