[Little Big Planet] Inverurie Academy at GBL10 (Virtually)

I just want to draw attention to a Consolarium blog post from Brian McLaren which focuses on Games Based Learning projects in Scottish schools. Little Big Planet is being used in one other Scottish secondary school (that I know about) – Grangemouth High. I recommend you watch Brian’s video (and get your CV ready) and then pop back to the Consolarium site to hear the audio from the Inverurie Academy and Grangemouth projects.


[Little Big Planet] Presentation to educators, Monday 19th April 2010

On Monday the S5/6 students and myself presented the completed level and background information on the project to a hand-picked audience consisting of Ian Hamilton, DHT at Inverurie Academy; Anita Weir, Faculty Head of Business & Information Systems at Inverurie Academy; Jennifer Clark, Faculty Head of Support For Learning at Inverurie Academy; Jill Florence, Head Librarian at Inverurie Academy; Charlie Love, Consolarium Development Officer for Learning Teacher Scotland; Anna Rossvoll, Aberdeenshire GLOW team and Sandra Allen, P1 teacher at Market Place Primary School.

My presentation is attached below but outlined the progression of the Intermediate 2 Applied Multimedia project over the last 3 years.

View more presentations from I Simpson.

The S5/6 students then explained the section of the project where they worked through a complete software development life cycle as a self-organised development team. There were no slides to illustrate their work, but their descriptions of their role were detailed and they handled the questions from the audience extremely well.

The audience then had the opportunity to try the completed level and see how the interaction between the students and their P1 link class had enabled the creation of a age-suitable, visually appealing level which achieved its aim of reinforcing the story of Goldilocks and The 3 Bears and providing a platform for displaying drawings created by the P1 class (the students included them as pictures on the walls of the house).


This presentation opened many new areas of discussion: I’m to meet with a SFL link to see how Little Big Planet and Games-Based Learning could be used to aid pupils in other areas of the school; Charlie recorded an interview as a follow up to Brian McLaren’s initial visit (Consolarium Podcast #1, December 24th 2009); Anna Rossvoll even offered pupils a job creating Games-Based literacy aids!

The final stage of the project is to visit the P1 class (on Tuesday 20th April) and then measure the difference in attainment between the students who completed this project and a control class who used the existing practical tasks and theory questions.