#thisismyclassroom June 2013


At the end of April our S2 students began a group games design task. I used the poster above as a guide to get them started but the desired outcome was an A2 poster containing:

  • An overview of the game plot
  • A description of each of the main characters – heroes and villains
  • A clear plan for how the game character(s)¬†will be controlled
  • A description or sketch of the backgrounds and/or audio


The S2 classes did a fantastic job and some even began to create prototype versions using Scratch. Yesterday I cleared out the display at the back of my classroom and put up a selection of some of the best games design posters.




Next session I’m going to begin to use the window space for short-term displays relating to solo taxonomy as well as try to extend the washing line display across my room.

#CASAberdeen Raspberry Pi computers


It has been a while since I’ve written here, but I feel like I’ve never stopped writing emails recently! I’m currently leading Computing at School’s Aberdeen hub and we’ve recently taken delivery of 15 Raspberry Pi computers courtesy of a grant from Google Giving. I wanted to publish my email to existing members of the hub in the hope that other educators in the local area (Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus) might pass this information on to Computing teachers in their establishment. Thanks to those folk in advance!

Dear CAS Aberdeen members,

Schools around the UK have been given free Raspberry Pi computers, to help create a new generation of computer scientists. Funded by a grant from Google Giving, both CAS and the Raspberry Pi Foundation hope that these devices will help children to take up coding.

The CAS Aberdeen hub have been given 15 sets to distribute to students or extra-curricular groups in the hub area.

The sets include the following:
– Raspberry Pi in clear perspex case
– 4GB SD card with NOOBS Raspberry Pi image
– Power adapter
– Getting started with your Raspberry Pi guide
– Issue 9 of MagPi magazine

I propose to loan out each set from September to December in the first instance. Preference will be given to bids from schools which do not currently have access to a Raspberry Pi device, but all education establishments which support primary or secondary school aged children are welcome to apply.

I am now looking for members of CAS Aberdeen to form a small group which will approve bids for the 15 sets as well as take responsibility for liaising with 2 or 3 successful bidders per group member during the loan duration.

If you would be interested in being part of this bidding group please let me know by return. I will send out a follow up email giving details of the bid process once I have four or five volunteers. My aim is to have this group up and running before the summer holidays so that we can have the Raspberry Pi sets in the hands of successful bidders at the next CAS Aberdeen meeting in September (which will be dedicated to Raspberry Pi CPD, thanks Matthew!).