Some reasons to use iDoceo instead of your teacher planner

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I’m currently running weekly drop in sessions for staff who recently received their iPad. The aim of these sessions is to give a focus and forum where staff can discuss ideas, issues and be supported by others who attend.

Not all staff attend but I’m not upset. It probably doesn’t fit their schedule or suit their learning style. I’m currently also sending daily emails with ideas and articles that staff can dip into when it suits them. This has seen far more ‘uptake’ than the face to face sessions and, when read / click / attend stats are looked at holistically, I’m interacting with three quarters of the staff. I’m keen to hear other ideas on how I can include the last 25%, if you have any!

In the meantime here is some background information for my latest drop in session on iDoceo. This is a fantastic app with many more features than I first realised. This poster attempts to highlight some of the most useful.