GLOW evolution (#SCSSA Annual Conference 2014)

Ian Stuart was a fierce critic of the original Glow. He is now GLOW product owner working with the Scottish Government.

I haven’t used Glow in anger for a long time. I say anger because I used to absolutely loathe it.

I also had issue with how the Local Authorities banned anything other than Glow in an attempt to force teachers to use it. The theme underpinning the entire conference has been that any initiative that is forced upon teachers is doomed to fail.

This is the first time I’ve logged into the new Glow.

The new apps look good but I feel – and my table agree – that because we moved away from Glow in search of a better, more reliable product, many of us have found a better, reliable product and so don’t need to move back.

Ian is keen for front line practitioners to get in touch with issues.

If your local authority has a Microsoft agreement you can download the full version of Office onto your personal devices. Currently 27/32 of the local authorities in Scotland have this agreement.

Uploading class lists from Seemis will be available in the next two weeks through the Management Console.